Our History + A New Generation


Myron Schibley was born in Amherst, Ohio. He later graduated from the Oberlin School of Business in 1911. After dutifully serving his country in the armed forces until 1918, Myron worked in a brokerage firm for a few years. Myron then became a founding member of The Schibley-Ossman Company in 1926.

The first product lines were mainly Naval Store goods.  Myron Schibley and James Grace teamed up to distribute  Yaryan Turpentine Company products.  Yaryan was eventually bought out by Hercules Powder Company  The products were Gum Rosin, Wood Rosin, Turpentine, Pine oil, and solvents.  

One of Schibley and Ossman's  first major customers was General Electric in Cleveland, Ohio.   GE purchased Gum Rosin to use in the adhesive formula for the incandescent light bulb.

In 1953 Loren Schibley, who was Myron Schibley's son, became president and in 1956 changed the name of the company to Schibley Solvents and Chemicals Company, occupying an office on Cleveland’s Public Square, in the city’s landmark Terminal Tower.   Myron Schibley and  Richard Ossman retired in 1954 . Loren then purchased the company from Myron Schibley and Richard Ossman in 1957. Loren eventually opened new facilities on Cleveland’s near west side, and in 1997 the Company moved to Elyria, where the company now has a seven acre complex.

 Interestingly, the facility sits just a few miles away from where Myron went to school as a child on Telegraph Road.

Between 1971 and  1978  Loren Schibley's three sons joined the company and in 1993 Loren Schibley retired .

Today, Loren’s son Reed is the President, and majority owner of the company.

Reed’s daughter Elizabeth has recently followed in her ancestor’s footsteps, becoming the fourth generation of the Schibley family to distribute chemicals from some of the world’s largest manufacturers to their many customers in the region.